Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Test

Some times it take a test to let you know you are really feeling better. I just did a breathing test where they test the FEV1 (amount you blow out in first second) and the FEV (full capacity of lungs). I did the best I have in several years. Wow! My highest FEV1 was 44% OR 1.26 LITERS. The FEV was about the same as always. Every test I did, my numbers got better. Normally, my numbers get worse as I go.

Last week, my FEV1s was 35% (1st try), 31%(2nd try) and 32%(3rd try).
Today, In order of tries, 41%, 40%, 41%, 44%, 44%. Yeah!

What does this mean? It means, I had a bunch of junk and inflammation in my lungs and what ever we have been doing in the past working.

I bet I will be out of here tomorrow.


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Diana said...

YEAH!!!!!! What a relief. You always amaze me! Love you girl!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Rock on!