Saturday, May 30, 2009


I got home yesterday afternoon. On my way home I and got some fresh fruit so I could make a fruit salad when I got home. It hit the spot.

As hard as it was to motivate myself, I got on the treadmill for 27 minutes yesterday. Of course today was even harder because it is the weekend and I am home alone. But I did it! Today, I did 31 minutes. I can already feel my muscles returning. After the treadmill today, my lungs felt great. I think I got some junk out of the left lung. Breathing is smooth and easy right now. I wish this feeling would last.

The one thing I need to focus on when I exercise daily is calorie intake. I loose weight very easily. So as I type this I am eating almond. Nuts are a great source of healthy calories.

Brian is up working on the camp so I am here alone for the weekend. I had to stay home for my Chest PT visits. Plus he is ripping apart the walls and I don't need to be breathing that in. I am thinking of going to my sister's for pasta. This will get me out of the house and I will not need to cook.

Tomorrow, i am debating going to my nephew's 2nd birthday party. I can ride with my sister so I won't need to drive. I hate driving. I just need to see if I can work my Chest PT around going.

Well, things are looking up. Let's hope it keeps getting better.


CowTown said...

Awesome news Stephanie! I'm glad you're finally back home. Keep up with the treadmill.

Diana said...

I am glad you are home! I was gone all weekend so could call. Hope your having a great day! Love you!