Friday, June 26, 2009


I think I tried to kill what I have left of my lungs. Yesterday, I wanted to get rid of some mildew that was on my bathroom blind. I have this stuff that works awesome. It is called mold away by mold armor. It just melts way mold and mildew.

Well, I went and sprayed the blind down around 10:30 am. I shut the door and kept the vent on. Around 4:00pm, I figured I better shower before Brian got home. When I went in the fumes were still lingering so I opened the bathroom window and got in to the shower. I wasn't in the shower more than a minute when my lungs started closing up on me. I quickly washed my hair, wrapped myself in a towel and headed to my bedroom. By this time I was really struggling and started coughing and then throwing up and then the headache came. Finally, I stopped coughing and throwing up. Of course not until after I lost everything I ate for lunch. I made my way to the couch, where I laid until 7:30pm until I felt i could move without throwing up or my head exploding.

This morning my lungs are tight and I coughed up some streaks of blood. I am sure this is because of yesterday. I guess I'll never do that again.

On another note, we are off to camp this weekend. We have no big construction plans for this weekend. We need to do some serious cleaning. Yeah, you guessed it, I won't be using any mold away. The weather looks crappy again. Yuck! Where is our nice sunny weather?

Update on transplant: I go for my blood gas on Monday because I was sick with 102.4 fever on Wednesday and had to cancel my appointment. This is the last test I need before I can become active. Once I get this done, I will not need any other test for the next 6 months. Every six months, they check my blood gas, 6 minute walk, kidney functions and PFTs so they can update my score with UNOS. I am still taking it day by day on the activation but I can tell you I will be activated sooner rather than later.

Well, that's it for this Friday.


Katey said...

Have fun at the camp!! Sorry about your mold-away ordeal! Definitely be careful with that!! I'll be praying your blood gas goes well AND that you feel good too!! said...

Have a great time at camp!

Those chemicals can do a number on me too!


Brandi said...

Hi Stephanie -

I tried to write back to your e-mail, but it kept returning the address as undeliverable.

It's nice to know that others have the same questions and doubts that I do sometimes. I used to be very anti-txp, but as I've gotten older and seen my own health decline, I become more OK with the idea of it. It helps that I have three friends that are all doing really well after transplant (Katey @ is one of those). Katey is a wealth of information about transplant (she's five years post). She has answered many of my questions and provided more support than I've probably ever truly let her know.

Take care.