Thursday, January 7, 2010

IV time

That's right, time for the lovely IV antibiotics. I have to say how much I love my port. The decision was made this morning to start IVs and I just finished my first dose. I should know by now I can't get much past 8 weeks before needing IVs.

At least I don't feel horrible. I just have my stupid fevers,I am a little more short of breath when moving around and I am starting to cough more junk up. Hopefully, this will be quick and painless. The IVs are scheduled for 14 days, every 8 hours.

I guess I get to drink lots of fluids and sleep a lot. The bright side is, I am not stuck in plastic hospital bed for 1-2 weeks.


Jess said...

Very true, at least its not the hospital. Hope the 2 wk course does the trick. The shortness of breath is the worst, I'd take double the pain just to have like half the SOB. We are constant fever-harborers, one minute I'm freezing with heating pads surrounding me and the next I'm sweating it up!

Katey said...

Sorry you are doing IV's... but like you said, at least you are at home and NOT in the hospital. I LOVE LOVE my port (although I usually have to stay in hospital for part of the time). Praying you feel much better real soon and this will be a quick and easy round of antibiotics.