Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My Nana and I

I cannot believe it is already December 29th. Two more days and 2010 will be over. What a year it was! I want to take this post to reflect on the month of December. My next post will be a reflection of 2010.

Lots have or will happen this month:

What has happened:

I made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities without being hospitalized or needing IV antibiotics.

I attended 5 Christmas gatherings in 5 consecutive days without becoming extremely sick or exhausted.

I went to stores to do my shopping instead of doing it 100% online like past years.

I had my nine month anniversary of my new lungs.

Went to transplant clinic and don't need to go back for 3 months.

I ran/jogged my first mile post transplant. Then did it 2 other times.

Made Christmas dinner for my husband.

Put up my Christmas tree all by myself.

First Snowfall.

First time shoveling the deck and stairs with new lungs. No cough or shortness of breath.

First time snow shoeing.

Took the step to never have my own children. Yes, my surgery I had was a tubal ligation.

First sinus infection with new lungs. Only needed a z-pack (5-days of Azithromycin) to feel better.

What will happen:

I am having my port removed on 12/30/10.

I will celebrate my 35th birthdayon 12/31/10!

I will see in 2011 breathing easy on 12/31/10!

I hope you have a safe New Years Eve!

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