Thursday, November 6, 2008

B&W update

I had a transplant appointment yesterday. All of my tests came out good. I am healthy enough to go forward with a double lung transplant. My case goes in front of the transplant team today to see if there is anything else they would like me to do before I can get listed. Then they are going to get pre-approval from the insurance company. They are also going to talk to my doctor today to get his opinion about me being listed. I think we will probably go ahead and list me but not activate me. That way I can try to make the most of my lungs and as soon as we feel that my lungs have ran their course then they will hit a few key strokes and activate me. Once they activate me, I need to be ready. The call can come as soon as the day they activate me. That was a big shock to Brian. Yesterday was the first time Brian had gone to Boston with me. I am so glad he did.

I am sure people are asking why wait. Brian actually asked that question. The average a person lives after a lung transplant is 5 years but they are good quality years. B&W actually have a patient that is 21 years post transplant. Of course that is what we are all hoping for. The longer we wait to get new lungs the bigger chance that there is a break through in medicine that will help people survive longer after a lung transplant. So I think we will try to get these lungs as healthy as we can so that there is hope for a medical break through before I really need lungs. My tests show that I am borderline needing lungs so the decision to be active or inactive is very tricky. We don’t want me to get to a point that I am too sick for a transplant. I am stressed about this decision. I wish we had a crystal ball to see what the future holds.

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