Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Help! I am stuck in a rut!

I am so bored. I haven't blogged because I have nothing to write about. No transplant news. No new fundraising news. No life news.

I am so tired of being home all the time. I feel like I am a prisoner of my home and my dogs are my prison guards.

I need some excitement. I keep asking myself is my life the way it is because I am just afraid to live life because I am afraid to get more sick. I read about so many other people with cystic fibrosis doing things. Every time I do something I get sick. What is that all about? Or is my life just boring? I feel like I do nothing. I go nowhere. Has my life always been boring?

Would I be pressing my luck if I start doing the things that I love to do? Wait, I can't even tell you what I like to do. Can someone remind me what I like to do for fun? Help me!


Diana Mulkern said...

There are lots of things you have liked to, walk,hike,swim,beach,fish,boating,snowmobiling,visiting friends, spend time with your family, call your friends, ride motorcycles, the beach, play with everyones kids, read, watch girly movies, play cards/games, drink bear, dance, be in love, play ball with your dogs, collect longaberger, cook warm meals in the winter, eat arby sandwiches with me, pedicures, manicures, hot tubs, shopping, swedish fish and chewy runts...I could go on and on. You will be able to do every single one of these thing as often as you like when you get your new lungs. Hang in there honey. It will get better and this will not last forever. Remember how you felt on the bake sale weekend. You are loved and you have friends. You have very special friends.
Love ya, Diana

Anonymous said...

hanglabSounds like you have a little pre-winter cabin fever. One of my grandmother's favorite saying was "This too shall pass". You have too much time on your hands. You need to find a hobby which challenges your mind. You've always been more of a right brain than a left brain person, you need to develope your left brain or your creative side. You've always needed to challenge yourself. You can't challenge yourself visically any more so you need to challenge yourself other ways. Don't be afriad to reach out to your friends and family. How about learning to sew or quilt, counted cross stich, make throws, I know knitting isn't your thing but make mittens for a charity like Santa's Helpers. Pick up some sudoco books or cross word puzzles. Thes might challenge your mind, which you have always done, it might help the boredom and stop your mind from wandering. Read some classic novels or listen to some classical music. Accept your limitations, for know, because "this too shall pass", you will be able to do all the things you love to do again or discover new challenges. Hang in there babe.
Lov ya and see you soon,

Anonymous said...

I know things are tough and I have lost touch with you in the past. I finally found a way to reconnect with through your website and got the courage to write to you not knowing if you would respond, remember me or even care that I wanted to know how you are. I am very grateful to get that chance. People often say that they know how you feel, I will not say that at all because I don't, but please know that my thoughts, hopes, and prayers are with you for a bright future. Whether you know it or not, you are an inspiration to many. I admire your courage and strength to stick with it, so don't give up!
Take care,