Friday, February 13, 2009


My goal is to blog every Friday. Most likely it will be a post of random thought or ideas.

So today I am going to blog about things I am looking forward to.

1. My husband coming home from his training. Brian has been gone for 2 days. We had and argument before he left and I have emotional felt like crap since he left. We have such high expectations for one another that we always disappoint the other and don't even know we are doing so. I love Brian more than I can ever express and can't wait for him to be home.

2. Baseball season. I love baseball. I an obsessed with the Red Sox. Pitchers and Catchers reported to Spring train this week which means baseball will be back very soon. Yeah!

3. Spring! It has been warm the past few days and a lot of snow is melting. I know we will probably get more snow but at least I know that spring and warmer weather is right around the corner.

4. The weekend. Enough said there.

5. February 21st. I have a surprise for my husband. It is his Valentines Day gift. My parents are coming down this weekend so I made plans for next weekend. I hope he loves his gift.

6. For the Fedex guy to deliver my espresso/latte maker. I love Caramel Lattes so I spoiled and bought a maker. Why should I keep giving my money to Dunkin Donuts.

7. March 11th. That is my next transplant appointment.

8. For custody to be settled with my Nieces. My sister goes to court in March to see if she will be awarded primary custody. Please pray that she gets her daughters. They want to be with her and her ex is being an ass about it!

Well that is all for today folks. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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CowTown said...

Whoohoo for your espresso maker!! Exactly, don't give the money to dunkin donuts anymore. I have one too and it's my special treat with my special big mug. Enjoy.

Good luck with your next appt.

I look forward to reading your friday posts. :)