Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another day

Well, for those who don't know I am in the hospital. I was running pretty high fevers for a few days and figured it was time for another PICC and IV antibiotics.

After on failed bedside PICC failure and a trying IR PICC placement I decided it was time for a port. So today I went to the OR and got a port. The surgery was pretty minor. This afternon, the PICC I had placed yesterday came out. I hope I will love this port.

I am not sure when I will be out. I hate to pester the doctor though know I can do everything I am doing in here at home. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed.

My CF doctor came in today and showed me my last 3 x-rays and explained what we were looking at. Wow, my left lung is crap! He is going to give me a cd of the x-rays. Once I get it I will try to post the pitures and explain what is going on.

Well, I am going to go relax. I hope you all have a great night.


Cystic Gal said...

Wow. It seems we are all sick at the same time. Have you had a port before? I am thinking of getting one, but - to be frank - I really like my chest. My chest is my best feature. How much will it change the anatomy of my chest?

BIG HUGS TO YOU! And thanks for reading my blog and commenting today.


Jess said...

Sorry you're in the hospital Steph. I hope you start to feel better soon and get to go home!!! Sending hugs your way! Take care.

Katey said...

Feel better! You will LOVE your port!! I didn't get one until a few years ago (after transplant) to use for chronic rejection treatment. It was a requirement. But since I go in for pneumonia all the time, I love having the port to use for IV abx. And it allows me to usually go home for part of the time.

Where did you get your port? Mine is in my chest! And because i'm so small, it does stick out some. But there are other options for Cystic Gal...side, leg, etc.

Brandi said...

@CysticGal -

I <3 my port and it's very well hidden. Mine is on my right side and sits right in between my bra strap. Even when I wear a swimsuit in the summer, as long as my arm is down, you would never know that it's there. And it's not too often that I go running around waving my hands in the air! You will love it if you get it.

The only downside to mine is that I can't do the Vest when accessed, it dislodges the needle. But since I don't do home IV's I just do "real" CPT in the hospital and avoid that side. Other than that, it's a dream.

@Steph, hope you are feeling better soon! I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be enjoying Club Med fairly soon after the CFRI conference.