Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well not really. I tried to have a normally date with my husband last night. We went out for dinner and then stayed and listened to the band for a couple of hours. Sounds like a normal date night right?

Well, first he had to drop me off at the door because I didn't want to lug my oxygen around and I would get short of breath walking from the car to the restaurant. In the past going out to a band would lead to letting loose and dancing. Not last night. I did enjoy 2 woodchuck ciders. Woo who call me a lush. The band was so much fun and they played a ton of danceable music. Of course, I got to be a "wall dancer". You know those girls that don't dare to get up on the dance floor so they stay against the wall moving their heads and feet. To end the night I had to keep looking at the clock and do the math of how long it will take to get home, do my meds, my vest and get to bed. We decided to leave around 11:15pm...yeah I know night owls, not. That got us home about midnight and I was in bed about 1am. Of course, Brian had to go get the car and pick me up at the door of the bar. Lots of fun.

I am still blessed that I was able to get out of the house for a few hours and hangout with my husband and my friend. I am blessed that I had the choice to wear my oxygen and it wasn't a necessity. I am blessed to have a great husband that will drop me off and pick me up at the door. Though I don't get it why he just wouldn't part in the handicap spot next to the door that was empty. I have a handicap plate. He kept saying what is someone else needs it more than us. I can just drop you off and go park the car. What ever, I didn't need to walk so why do I really care.

Today, I am waiting to hear from my nurse so I can figure out if we might venture to the beach for a few hours. Of course that is pending that my husband is willing to go with me.

Well, that is my thoughts for the day.

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