Friday, July 10, 2009

One of those days

I hope the day gets better. I got up at 5am to bring Brian to catch a ride to work because his jeep has been in the shop all week. He was pissy from the minute I rolled out of bed. I could say anything without him taking it the wrong way. I think he needed to got back to bed.

He is going up to camp to work on it this weekend. He will leave right after work. Of course, he needs to pick up his jeep first so I hope it is ready. I can just imagine what this bill is going to be. So as he was getting in to his ride's car, I asked him do you have your cell phone. Nope! Luckily, I had mine in my purse. So I gave him my phone and sent him on his way. I need to make sure the Brigham & Women's know to call his cell phone to reach me this weekend. What a mess.

I came home and did some house cleaning which takes me three times longer than it use to because I have to stop every few minutes to cough and catch my breath. Who would of ever thought that I would need to take a break after sweeping the floor. Good news, I didn't need my oxygen.

It is suppose to be a beautiful day in Maine today so I figured I would take out the riding lawn mower so I can mower the lawn later. I moved everything out of the way. Got the mower out of the garage. Got of it to put gas in it. I went to restart it and nothing. What the ?!@$@! I was just running. I gave it a few more minutes and tried it again nothing. Can I get a break. Brian will get all ticked off because it will be in the middle of the driveway when he come home on Sunday because I can't start it to put it away and there is not way I can push it back into the garage. What ever!

My mom is going to come down and spend the night tonight. Tomorrow, she needs to watch my nephews so I am going to go with her and hand out by my sister's pool. Hopefully it will be nice and sunny and the rain will hold off until late evening. I am in desperate need of some vitamin D.

Health wise I am feeling pretty good. Only one day of fevers this week. I'll take that every week. I have been sleeping really good. I have a CF appointment at the end of this month. I would like to try to gain 2 or 3 pounds by then. I am at 109 which is where I have been since my last flare up and IVs. Good news, I am not loosing. I need to get my butt back on the treadmill or at least start walking outside. Maybe I'll go for a few walks with my mom this weekend.

Here is to a nice sunny weekend!


Amy said...

grumpy pants LOL Men hahahaha!!!

hope you enjoy your weekend! I plan on hoping back on the exercise bandwagon this weekend too. We can push each other to start! :)

Jess said...

Good luck with the walking, its so hard to get motivated when you know you're going to cough and sputter during it.