Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Evil Head

Here is a picture of my port not accessed. It is still bruised from being placed. You can also see the 2 incisions that were made when they put it in place. You can also see where the needle was inserted. And stop laughing at my tan line!

I promise that will be the last picture of my bare chest that I will post. The good news is you cannot see the port when I wearing clothing and some of my bathing suites even cover it.

Oh and one correction, the evil head is for Mike's Hard Ice Tea not Lemon Aid.

I hope you all had a good laugh today. Keep smiling.


Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Wow! Can't see a thing...awesome!


Anonymous said...

Steph, that doesn't look very pleasant. I guess once the bruising and everything heals it will be great. By the way, I will be in your neck of the woods today. I am heading to Saco and Old Orchard today.


CFsteph said...

Oh to be at the beach today! I am jealous.

CowTown said...

Yay, it doesn't actually show up as much as some do. Plus, for me, the line going from the port up to my neck sticks out quite a bit so it looks like a freakish vein.

Glad your bathing suit covers it up. Have you had any cabin time this year at the lake? Sounds great right about now!

CFsteph said...

I have been up to camp a few times. It is now out of my travel range to the hospital for the transplant so I can only go there if I become inactive. I plan to go inactive for a long weekend during Labor day. I need some camp time.

I am hoping if I gain a little weight my port won't show as much. you can see the tube that goes to my vein but you can feel it. It is freakish. LOL

Jess said...

It looks like its healing well! Good luck with your port, I've had mine for almost 5 years

Pegson said...

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