Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekly update

Not much to update on. I had a great weekend with my family. Friday, I went to Funtown/Splashtown with my mom, my sister and her 2 girls. We had a blast. I went on all the rides. I didn't even need my oxygen until we were walking back to the car. It was 9pm and the humidity was increasing. All the walking and rides, really shook crap up in my lungs. I have been coughing so much I have laryngitis.

Saturday was the perfect beach day so I went to Old Orchard Beach with the same crew. I wish I could spend every day at the beach. It was another awesome day. In the afternoon, we took the girls school shopping. The stores all had A/C and there were no crowds.

Sunday another great day. Everyone but Brian went to my other sister's house. Tonya has a beautiful pool. So we all hung out by the poolside for the day. Brian was up at camp doing some more renovations. I think he plans on going up this weekend as well.

I spent most of this week resting and working. I started my 2 week course of Bactrum. I am on it for 2 weeks and then off it for 2 weeks. I hate it. It makes me itch for the first few days and I can't go in the sun. I don't get a rash or hives but some places itch so bad it burns.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I know I am at my baseline. I don't expect to learn anything I don't already know. I am going to see if Dr Z can think of anything new we can try to mix up my treatments. I need change. He might say what we are doing is working so let's keep it that way. I still think we are missing something big.

Well, that is it for now. I'll let you know if anything exciting happens at my doctor's appointment.

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Pegson said...

hey Im also been to a set of treatments fr a while and My appointment at clinic is next tuesday and Im also looking for a bit of a change up somewhere...

although the last time I did do a change up we decided to go with iron through a drip rather than tablet and I had a reaction and was in agony for a week and had to be put on morphine...ahaha so I will be saying no to ...