Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not much going on

Life has been pretty uneventful. I guess that can be a good thing. Health wise I feel good. I start my maintenance antibiotic tonight. Yes, the dreaded Bactrim. So I get 2 week of hellish side effects. Things have been very stable. No major fevers, coughing spells or episodes of being out of breath. I haven't really needed to use my oxygen. I have been using it only when I have been walking for exercise. The stuff I am coughing up looks pretty good for a CFer.

I have been keeping busy by going to my niece's soccer games. I love soccer. It is so much fun to watch Kassie. Every game she is getting a little bit better. She is 10 and this is her first year playing. Watching her makes me miss my healthy lungs. I want to be out there on the field with her. I have been doing different soccer drills with her with my oxygen on. I think I am going to do a 2 on 2 game tomorrow with her. That should be interesting.

Last weekend was filled with family. My mom came down and spent the night Friday. On Saturday, I went to Kassie's game, then of to my nephew Trey's birthday party and to end the night we met my Brother in law, Troy and his family for dinner. Sunday, I took the day to relax.

This weekend will be more of the same. Kassie's game and then I am meeting my cousin, Angela for lunch. I can't wait. I only saw her briefly back in January at one of my benefits. We have been trying to get together since.

Yesterday, I went to have a filling done that I needed fixed before my transplant. I was so nervous. Once it was done, I couldn't figure out why I had myself so worked up. It was nothing. So I made an appointment for a crown that I also need. I have been putting it off for years. The tooth is holding together but with my luck it will crumble during my transplant.

Like I said nothing too exciting here but figured I would just update everyone that all is well with me.


Katey said...

Glad you are feeling pretty good!!!

mandy19307 said...

Hi! My name is Amanda Tocher Mandy to most. I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when I was 2, had oxygen most of the time by the time I was 15,at 18 got put on the transplant list and had my double lung transplant on march the 19th 2007. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Being able to breathe normally was weird at first but felt really good and still does. I can now do a lot of simple things that was not so simple before like going for a walk without getting out of breath and going to university with my friends. I hope you fell really excited about your transplant because it is the start of a better life!

Jamie said...

I check on you regularly. I am glad you are enjoying the soccer stuff with your niece. It is important to stay active and spend a lot of time with the ones you love! I hope you get new lungs soon!