Thursday, July 24, 2008

Almost here

I cannot believe in one week I will be in Boston meeting with the transplant team at Brigham and Woman's. I am really excited for some answers.

I am tired this week. My last blood test showed that my iron was low. This is nothing new but some days it really affects me. I cannot wait for the weekend to get some good sleep. My husband and I plan on going up to our camp to do more work on it (well he does the work and I swing in the hammock).

The air here is very heavy and moist so it is hard to do any outdoor activities. I feel like a slug.
I have had my nieces here all week. The pretty much take care of themselves. I just make sure they are safe. The keep my dogs busy. By the end of the day my dogs are trying to find a quite place to get away from them. It is pretty funny.

I need to go in to work on Thursday to meet with some students. I haven't meet with live students in a long time. I do most of my work over the phone. The best part of going in on Thursday is I get lobster!

Well that is all. I hope this finds you all well.

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CowTown said...

Hi Stephanie!

Thanks for sending me your blog site.

I hope you get some good answers next week in Boston.