Friday, October 9, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmm.

This will be very short:
Obama=noble prize?
NASA = millions of dollars to send a probe rocketing into the moon?
Redsox lose to Angles in game one?
I am sitting here scratching my head...enough said.

Edit: one more...
Maine state shut down days. For those who are not from Maine, these are days that 90% of the state workers must take off without pay because the state of Maine cannot budget money. Why I think it is questionable...these days are always added to a holiday weekend. How convenient?


Diana said...

They sent a probe into the moon and got NO pictures!

CeruleanOne said...

Hey there! My name is James Tarr. I also have CF. I grewup in Maine too! I am originally from Northern Maine (Fort Fairfield) then moved south to Bangor. About 4 years ago I moved west to San Francisco. Nice to see another CFer from Maine.