Monday, October 12, 2009

Will today be the day?

I am trying to figure out what to do on my day off. I have a million things that I could do but nothing is appealing. My nurse will be here around 11:00 and I haven't felt 100% for the past few days. So I keep asking myself how can I turn this around? So what do I plan to do? Get on my treadmill. Yesterday, I did 3 sessions of chest PT and didn't feel like it was enough so today I will do my vest for 1 hour, have manual Chest PT for an hour and do my treadmill for 20 minutes. As soon as I am done posting this, I am going to go down and get my ipod so I can charge it. Maybe I will down load a few new songs to it. I think I am tired of the current songs on it. Any ideas to what I should download to to get me through 20 minutes of hell? Suggestion needed!

That is it for today!


Jess said...

Good luck with the chest therapy, I always feel good after some treadmill, wish I could treadmill at the hospital. This new band, the Noisettes, is like part blues/dance/rock. It's different from a lot of stuff, but worth a listen.

Mary ElizaBeth Peters said...

Each of us is so different. I work out every day and I'm in the hospital now because I could not work out all weekend because my SATs were too low to workout safely at home. But I hate the vest and CANNOT imagine wearing it for an hour. We are all just picky :)