Saturday, February 13, 2010


As I sit here hooked up to my IV, I read the blogs of others and wonder why do things happen the way they do?

Why do some get a chance to continue living and some don't?

Why do some just get a taste of living again and others get to indulge in living again?

What is the meaning of all of it?

Does one person contribute more to the earth than another?

Is one person loved more?

Is it just a matter of science?

Do we control our own fate or is there a determined path already chosen for us?

What do you guys think?


Jess said...

I think about this too, life can be quite unfair. I personally do not think there is a set path for us, but I do believe we will get our transplants cause there is so much left for us to do!

CowTown said...

Hmmm, big questions. I think it's luck. I can't figure out any rhyme or reason to the 'who goes and who stays' concept. It's the most humbling of things.

I hope everyone I know right now who is waiting for their new freshies, get them very soon and get to 'indulge'!

Rayzor Dubya CaJones said...

A belief in something greater than ourselves answers a lot of these questions. For myself, a creator with a greater plan for each individual as well as humanity in general helps me get through whatever problems I run into in my life.
Personally, I hope you get your transplants and that they relieve some or all of your suffering. In any case, I have to believe in a plan that is being implemented that encompasses more than just what happens to me.

Cystic Gal said...

Since we are literally in the same boat, I can empathize with what you're feeling. I believe, like Jess typed, that you will get your transplant. I will get my transplant. We might even end up in rooms next to each other, you never know.

In the moments when you don't believe, it's still nice to know, that deep down, you know you'll start to believe again. Just maybe not til tomorrow.

Love, CG

Katey said...

Great post...i think about this stuff too. It seems like life is unfair. I always wonder why I still suffer and don't get to indulge in a new life fully after transplant, while many of my friends that have had transplants do. But then I think to myself, that I wouldn't even be here to do the things that I can do if it wasn't for my transplant. I've been able to do so much and pursue my goals in life. Whether or not those are accomplished fully, is still yet to be determined. But I am forever grateful for this God-given miracle. But this doesn't go without thinking over and over the exact things you have mentioned in this post. I do believe that God, our creater, has a predetermined path for us. But I find myself questioning why some don't get to live the path that I do, or why the paths are cut short?

Praying your lungs will come soon! It will be an amazing feeling like no other you have ever felt. It's hard to believe during times like this (been there). But like CG said, it will come.