Tuesday, March 2, 2010

nothing new

As the days go by, the more I cannot wait for my transplant. I have been trying to live my life the best I can but it seems like when ever I do what I want I feel wiped out and sick the next day. I am just tired of not being able to live the life that I want to live.

I had a busy weekend this past weekend and I am now paying for it. It is so hard to do the things I want to do knowing it is going to wear me down.

I just finished 3 weeks of IV antibiotics and would expect to feel great. But I have been down and out for the past 2 days: Headaches, stomach problems, tired and fevers. I just want to feel like my old self for more than a day.

I am so tired of this. Let's hope I wake up tomorrow feeling like a new person.


Jess said...

Waiting is so hard! I concur.

Piper said...

booo, waiting! i am right there with you -- more and more i keep thinking "one 6-8 surgery and we can be done with this coughing up mucus and feeling terrible?" i am sooo excited for my transplant!

you've had one dry run, so you're on the radar. sending good vibes your way that it all happens SOON!!

Katey said...

Praying you wake up feeling better. I know how you feel and I know it sucks. I basically was a prisoner to my room the year before my transplant. I would pray every night that my transplant would happen soon. I didn't feel like ever doing anything, and really couldn't physically. Your transplant is coming....and you will be able to do all the things you want and have ever dreamed of doing. It will be a new life...and an awesome one. Hang in there. I'm praying for you!