Friday, December 4, 2009

First December Post

Oh December, how I hate thee. Yes, you heard it right, I hate December! Why you ask? It is simple, December completely wears me out. There is always so much to do. By January, I am ready to crawl into bed for a month and not be disturb maybe that is why bears hibernate.

Lets start out the month with how I am feeling and see if feel the same way at the end of the month. Well, I was able to spring out of bed at 4:50am to bring Brian to catch a ride to work. My lungs have a little flutter in the lower left lobe but that tells me that I have air flow which is something that is not always a guarantee. My weight is 111. I am not on any antibiotics though I should be on my maintenance of Bactrum. I am waiting to start that after I see Dr. Z, in case we may decide on a different health routine during my CF visit. I want to try to limit the amount of time I am on Bactrum because it really dehydrates me and makes me feel like crap. Hopefully, we will check my iron levels again next week. I am curious to see if all the iron supplements I have been taking is helping. My only health concern right now is my bowels. I can't find a happy medium. I either can't go or can't stop going. Plus I am very crampy and my bowel movement was an odd color today. I know TMI! So I guess you can say things look good health wise.

This month is very busy. It all starts today. This is what December looks like...
4th wedding
5th Christmas gathering (probably won't go)
7th work meeting
8th Dr. Appointment
10th niece's Christmas play
11th husband's work Christmas party
12th niece's dance recital and another Christmas gathering (if I can make it)
13th fundraiser
18th niece's play and my work Christmas gathering
19th having my family over for a Christmas celebration
24th Christmas eve, may travel (2 hours) to hometown to visit our grandmothers
25th Christmas
26th mom's house for a Christmas gathering (travel 2 hours)
27th brother in law's house for Brian's family gathering (travel 2 1/1 hours)
31st My birthday and New years eve.

Plus I need to decorate, get my shopping done, wrap gifts, work, get chest PT and get my butt on the treadmill. There is also another work and family gathering but I don't know the dates of those yet. So much to do and so little time to rest. I am sure I am forgetting other events but I am overwhelmed just thinking about all this. Calgon take me away!

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Jess said...

December IS busy! Try not to overdo it, but don't feel bad if you can't accomplish everything, our support network understands. You have a lot going on! Hoping you stay well :)