Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After

Today is the day after we all gave thanks, surrounded ourselves with loved ones and filled our bellies with delightful food. So what does that mean? It means the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has begun. During this busy, time let's not forget everything that we were so thankful for yesterday.

I had a great Thanksgiving Day. Brian and I headed to my sister, Tonya's house. The food was great but the company greater. During the meal, we had a lot of great laughs. Nothing was rushed. Everyone just went with the flow. I think it was the most relaxing Thanksgiving Day that I have had in a long time. Of course, I couldn't help but laugh when the meal done the woman were in the kitchen cleaning and all the men were on the couch watching football. How typical!

For me, today the festivities continue. Brian and I have been invited to another Thanksgiving day celebration and then I plan to take ride to visit Kim and Diana before Diana heads back to Ohio.

I am so amazed how fast a weeks vacation flies by. In a few more days, I'll be back to the grind. Trying to get everything done in a day that needs to be done. I was really hoping to be rested before going back to work but I have not slept well the past few nights. So I guess I'll go chill out.

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