Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lot on my mind today

I felt I needed to blog to get stuff off my chest. I am going to just post random things that are on my mind so I can stop thinking about them.

*Insurance!!!! Our insurance at work is going through some big changes. Right now I have no idea what these changes are. I am stressing out. I cannot be worried about my health insurance.

*PT! I just had a physical therapist come do an assessment on me. I cannot believe how things have changed physically. I walked on the treadmill for 5 minutes at 1.8 speed. To me, that is just pathetic! Our goal for this week is to repeat this 2 time a day every day and try to increase to 3 times a day.

*Iron! I am still very tired. I just want my iron levels to go up! This sucks.

*Vacation! I decided today to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off. I didn't take any time off during my IVs to rest so I am taking time off for Thanksgiving. I feel it is well deserved.

*Winter! I am dreading winter already. I hate the late of sun light. I hate all the colds and flues and germs. I hate the cold and snow. Can we just skip winter and go right to spring?

*Cabin Fever! I just realized I have not left my house since Halloween. How depressing is that?

Here are some good things:
*I got my H1N1 shot
*Diana is coming home the week of Thanksgiving
*I am done my IV antibiotics and Bactrum as of today
*It is nice out today
*My lungs feel better than before I started the IVs

Though my post sounds bleak, I am still looking at things positively. At least I have insurance. I am on the right track to get back in to physical shape. I got all my flu vaccines so in 2 weeks I can feel more comfortable leaving the house. Winter is only 4 months long. And the best a week and 1/2 I will be on vacation.

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Diana said...

I am glad you are taking the week off. I cant wait to see you. You are on my positive list also.