Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Plans!

First, I want to thank everyone for the kind words and reassurance. I never doubted my decision to get the transplant. I think some time we just was to measure everything with a number and you cannot do that with cystic fibrosis. It would be great if there was a magic number that told us how sick we were but that just is not the case.

I have decided to put all of that behind be because the people that know me and have read my blog know that I was really sick and that my quality of life was in the toilet.

Today was a beautiful day. Everyone keeps asking me how it went or how I feel. All I can say is better than I could have ever expected.

I have so many things planned for the future. I can't wait until I am 100% healed so I can give living 110%. I am going to work with my transplant center to pull together an informational piece for pre-transplant patients. This will cover what to accept before the transplant, when you get the call, what you need to bring with you to the hospital and how to survive in the hospital post-transplant. It is amazing how much I was unprepared for which I could had been informed of. This really need to be done in the perspective of the transplant patient. Because only the patient knows what is happening. I am excited to take this task on. Plus I plan on working with the transplant center to make "the call" a smoother process.

The next thing I plan on doing is starting a non-profit organization, Hope Heals. I have all the paperwork to fill out. I will be doing another entire blog about my foundation as soon as I have processed the proper paperwork. I am so exited about my idea and I know there is a need for the foundation I am starting. I also know that I have the passion and drive to make Hope Heals a successful organization. I already have two fundraisers in the works. I can't wait to go 100% public with my foundation. I just want to have my idea protected before I share it with the world. So stay tuned!

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Jen said...

I would LOVE to hear some of your suggestions on what to bring to the hospital! My husband and I want to pack a bag but really don't know what to pack. So any advice on that and what we need while I am in the hospital would be great. My email is Thanks! :)